In middle of the night
29. Oktober 2015 Landscape

All the sunlight is gone and all the starlight was visible.
Okay, I promise you, this is the last image of this lake. Not all clouds were gone but I could see the milkyway above the glacier.
For this image I tried something special. I made this image with the Sony A7s, my low light king. But I used a technique which I developed for my Canon 6D. I used an additional a star guiding tool, the nano.tracker, for the possibility to become an exposure time of 120 seconds without any startrails. This was my best technique to get images without so much noise. Because of the long exposure time, I could screw down my ISOs.
And what now happend is interessting, although the A7s is so good with high ISOs, it is very bad for long exposures. If you look closely, you will see all the red, blue and green dots of the hot pixels. With the Canon I was getting also some hot pixels, maybe five or ten, but this, there must be about one hundert of them.
The conclusion of this, every camera body has it’s pros and cons.


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