The lake panorama
26. November 2013 Allgemein

On our tour through norway we passed a lot of lakes. There are so many lakes in this country, you can’t count it (oh, nearly a rhyme). Sometimes I needed to take a hard break, to jump out of the car, grab my camera and shoot some pictures. So was it at this lake. Because we were too close or the lake was too big, I decided to take a panorama 3×3 images for an HDR image. I retouch all my HDR images, after Photomatix has tonemapped, with Photoshop to fix all the ugly parts of tonemapping by hand. This means I need four images +2EV 0EV -2EV and tonemapped, which works well for single pictures. But if you stitch a panorama it is not working, because all panorama apps will stich every series different, so at the end you have 3 panoramas which are not congruent. Hmm, it would be very grateful, if somebody has an idea how I can do this exactly. So for the moment, this is only fake HDR of 3 RAW images stiched together.
Ah and I don’t know anymore which lake this was, my 5DmkII had no GPS tracking. But with my newer 6D this won’t happen anymore. :)


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