The thunderstorm and the lavender
13. November 2013 Allgemein

This year I was visiting the french region Provence for watching the the flower of the lavender fields in the middle of July. I thought there were everything full of lavender fields, but you have to know, where you have to search. Because not every field is photogenic. Some fields are to small, others are to dry or the background is not beautiful or whatever. But nearby the village of Valensole you can find some very beautiful places, until it beguns to rain. With a sigh I finished the photo session in my mind, as my wife told me, that she can see some flashes at the horizon. I took an immediate stop, jumped out of the car built up my tripod and took MANY pictures, until this! Sometimes rain isn’t that bad :)
It’s an exposure series of 3 images with 2EV steps.


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